Thursday, December 04, 2003

a beautiful sight

Ever notice how somethings take on a power or emotional tug that surprises you?

When we first moved to Indy, and to the townlet, one of our neighbors had strung Christmas lights on a 50 foot tall (or so) white pine tree in their front yard.

Given that it was a little tricky for us to learn how to get into the neighborhood, that tree became a beacon, letting partner and I know that we were finding our way home. Frankly, the whole city was so new to us, that it was reassuring to have this knowledge at night, when it can be so dark, between all the trees.

The good neighbors did not repeat the lights during the following holiday seasons. Their son risked his neck to do the stringing each year, and the tree had gotten so tall that it didn't seem worth the effort.

I had forgotten about the lighted tree until last night when I drove home in the dark. And before I even got to my street, I saw it, all lit up. I haven't heard yet what was behind this renewal, but I did remember for a moment how it felt those first times we drove into the townlet at night and saw it gleaming into the sky, like a lovely giant wedding cake.

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