Monday, December 01, 2003

cold air

I hate quick changes in temperature, particularly to extremes of either heat or cold. I prefer the toe in the water, easing into it approach to seasonal change.

Right now, after a few hard freezes, we are having perfect weather for this time of year. Yes, it's a little too breezy, but other than that, I cannot complain. The sky today was blue, the sun brilliant, and in both early morning and late evening, Franklin and I walked under a half moon shining, with several prominent stars twinkling across the sky.

All of this sky watch is framed by the now barren trees, dark and shadowy. Our walks are much more brisk, certainly more so than on hot humid days. Right now one doesn't have to dress too warmly to comfortably walk around the townlet. Later this year we will trudge through snow and ice, and I will be all bundled up like a space man, if I have the nerve and inclination to leave our warm home to face the blast of harsh outside weather.

But for now, these walks are moments of sanity, where Franklin is in his dog world of smells, and I forget all the things in life that could make me worry. The pace quickens and I start to feel the pleasure of making faster strides, breathing chilled air, moving through the darkness of our morning and evenings with one finger on the portable flashlight that I carry so that any passing traffic will quickly be able to see a man and his little black dog making their twice daily rounds.

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