Thursday, December 11, 2003

day's end

Yesterday afternoon, my class ended a little early.

Walking back to my hotel, I stepped in a hole of about 2 feet that was full of water and mud. With only a skinned knee and splattered clothes, I got back, changed clothes, got my car from the garage, maneuvered through end of day traffic on Michigan Avenue, and finally made my way north to Evanston.

I've driven this route a few times, but always on a Sunday and in daytime. It looks different at night in drizzling rain with lots of traffic. Sheridan Road is the name of a loose collection of streets that take one up the lake shore to Seabury. I had forgotten how tricky it can be when a lane suddenly takes a turn in a direction that was not east or north.

I arrived a few minutes early despite a couple of wrong turns. And had a moment to sit and let go of the day.

Soon I met Susie, who showed me where she and Jane usually sat in the chapel. Jane joined us, and with these dear women on each side, they guided me through evensong. They both have beautiful voices, by the way. And I got to meet Professor AKMA, Micah and Andrew. Hope I didn't forget any other bloggers. Among others that I met was Alan, who was an intern at Trinity last year. It was good to see him again.

Jane gave me a tour of the seminary and then we went off for dinner in Evanston at a pub called Nevins. It was nice to be able to hear her real voice, giving much resonance to the words that I've read over time. I am impressed by her strengths and her personality, and look forward to her work and life as a priest.

After leaving Seabury, I drove back down Sheridan in the middle of a flurry of white snow, and with the lights, it was a bit magical. Soon, the snow turned to slush and I was back in downtown Chicago. Specials thanks to Jane and Susie and the nice folk I met.

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