Wednesday, December 31, 2003

how special: a list

I don't particularly like end-of-the-year stories, or best lists, or all the different ways the media fill their airways or newspaper pages during the week between Christmas Day and New Years.

Lasso had this take on the year-end wrap-up genre:

Lasso can only attribute this phenomenon to doorway impulse all humans seem to suffer from. When we get to a door, we pause.

Mrs. Lasso, the sociologist, calls this a threshold experience — the reluctance humans have for passing quickly through a door or opening. This phenomenon is most noticeable at grocery store automatic doors and mall entrances. But newspapers do it, too.

So, we linger, and it looks as though we will linger here at the edge of 2004, looking forward and back, stuck on the arbitrariness of when a new year begins.

By the way, Lasso (aka Bill Bishop) has an excellent take on news in Texas. I think his blog is getting even better. It's a service of the Austin American Statesman, of which I get not a penny.

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