Saturday, December 27, 2003


It got over 50 degrees (F) today, which was quite above the normal temperatures for this time of year. And the sun was out all day.

I began planting daffodils, and ended up building a small retaining edge with my free stones gotten this past October. I've had the stones in a large pile, and now they are stacked at the end of my front yard beds. I will probably re-work them in the spring, using sand or paving sand as a foundation.

I also dug out an old rosa multiflora, a wild rose brought here in the early 20th century that is now considered an invasive plant.

If I were a better plant person, I would have grafted onto its root stock some hybrid rose. In late summer, I cut it back to the stump, and finally I got it dug out this morning.

And I began dividing daisys, monardia or bee balm, and chives. I also moved several nepeta (or catmint) plants. Wonderfully useful plants, providing waves of bloom, heat tolerant, nice gray green color, with lavendar spiked blooms. The bees and the cats go crazy over it. I've moved many of them out of my main beds and have put them in an area that needs punching up a bit, and where they will have more room to spread out.

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