Monday, December 29, 2003

planning, part 2

But I didn't want two straight strips of beds.

That is boring. And I didn't want to see everything, even as I looked down through between the two beds.

So I did two wider beds at the house end that ran toward the street, parallel to each other and to the driveway that was on one side. I kept a grass path or swath between them.

But then I cut in on the beds on each one's inside edge. The outside lines continued unbroken, but this inside cut made the grass area now much wider. After another 10 feet or so, at the ends, I then turned toward the middle, making a bed on each side that was perpendicular to the two skinny beds, this time coming in towards each other. The distance between their two ends was about the same distance as the smaller grass path at the other end. I left that area uncut.

So the grass is continuous through these beds, a three or four foot swath at the house end, and an enclosed rectangle on the other half that is capped by the two jutting end beds..

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