Friday, December 05, 2003

score settling

Here's an AP story about taking FDR off of the dime and putting Reagan on it.

Is nothing sacred?

And will we be using coins in ten years?

When I lived in DC, they named the largest area federal office building built since the Pentagon after Reagan. Ugly building, at least inside. The outside tries to be nonconfrontational with the other Federal Triangle buildings. The building was something of a financial boondoggle with overruns and changes in mission.

They finally made the airport decent and then changed it from Washington National to Reagan National -- decent meant a cheerful airy terminal, indoor connected subway station, better parking and infinitely better drop-off and pick-up access. Locals weren't happy about the name change and didn't call it by its new name. I don't know if that still holds. Conservatives I know say that like that liberals are bothered by having to call it Reagan.

I keep wondering when they are going to propose changing the name of the capital to Reagan.

Let the man die. Then honor him on a coin or cash or whatever (although the list continues). That's a decent rule. The Roosevelt Memorial wasn't completed until 1996 or so, long after FDR's death. (An aside -- FDR said the only thing he wanted to be remembered by was a simple block of stone with his name on it. You can find that monument also in the Federal Triangle -- I think it's by the National Archives on the north side next to Pennsylvania Avenue).

And no need to denigrate one our greatest presidents in the process. Or his wife. Or his little dog Fala.

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