Monday, December 15, 2003

This year

Or the curse of living in interesting times.

This has been a tough year for me. Lots of upheaval at work. The stress of division in the ECUSA. Not to mention worry about the country and the world.

But is has also been a year of suprises and diversions and (up until Wednesday, a time of fairly good health!). I am always one to appreciate a good diversion, they come so easily to me.

For me, gardening is one of those. Starting a blog has all the earmarks of a diversion. Singing in the choir. And since I first learned to read, reading has been an especially good way to relax, forget, to go somewhere else.

But I am still surprised that I am now in the middle of the second Patrick O'Brian novel, Post Captain, and that I bought a companion book to help define 19th century nautical terms and descriptions. This totally alien world, small and fraternal, harsh and violent, is so different from my world and the interests in it that I take it simply on its own terms.

I am very much enjoying reading this series. Who knew?

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