Saturday, January 17, 2004

back in business

Blogging involves a lot of shared software. My basic blogging software from Blogger did not have a comment section. Part of the fun of blogging was setting up the place, revising the template from Blogger, learning how to do that, and finding shared software tools that could be added. During that early period I found a site that provided comment software and I added it to this blog. Sadly, blogspeak went out of business this past week. Or as they say in the radio business, went dark.

But the kind fellow at blogspeak made an agreement with the kind people at Haloscan, and all of the blogspeak accounts got transferred and incorporated into a new account with them.

This is sort of like having your bank bought out. New name, new logo and color (for comments section), no smiley faces (I could never figure out how to get them out). Same words and comments that have already been posted.

Now back to our regular joys and concerns.

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