Monday, January 05, 2004

back to winter

Our temps should drop to 10 degrees (F) tonight, and I am glad I got my gardening done last weekend. Our high at one point was 63 degrees -- on Friday night, and the average was 19 degrees.

All the rain (about 2.5 inches) gave me a quick check on water flow from my stonework. The steps formed more of an overflow channel than I used to have in that area, but it allows for quick drainage of the beds. The channel flowed easily to the ditch. And it was only about a half inch deep and about a foot or so wide of flow.

Meanwhile, the pump under the house comes on about every 20 minutes. I saw a lot of standing water this morning on the way to work, making Indy look like a very swampy place. The river is over its banks and is quite high.

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