Monday, February 16, 2004

is this good or bad

I've often read comments from Jewish writers worrying about some topic in the news, asking is this good for the Jews?

Gay people do the same thing, as do our friends.

Back in 1996, when the Defense of Marriage Act was debated and passed, many folk said that it was entirely the wrong time to begin discussion of marriage rights because the country was so dead-set against it.

Others argued that we needed a period of education about same-sex marriage rights within the gay community and outside of it.

And a few brave souls said that we should go full-steam ahead because our families are left unprotected, because our relationships are sacred, and because without raising the issue, the country will never consider offering these rights and responsibilities.

I thought about this yesterday when a wonderful straight man told me that he regretted the Massachusetts court case because of the possible reaction ot it, including the passage of state and a federal consitutional amendment denying these rights and responsibilities.

I think all the points above are not frivolous. And, frankly, my friend has a point. I suppose the question then is, when is a good time?

So we muddle through in this democratic experiment.

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