Tuesday, February 03, 2004

the late train

I have not focused much on this year's presidential race. I usually don't. I long ago gave up the need to have some wow me candidate to lead us on a crusade.

I do hate timidity in a candidate. Lead, for gosh sakes.

And sadly, I am just getting around to thinking Howard Dean needs to stay in this race a lot longer than this week.

He was an excellent moderate governor in Vermont -- I've known that for some time. He speaks his mind, something that is so off-putting to the electorate, or at least the pundits. We watched him Sunday morning on "Face the Nation" and I was again impressed by his concern for the budget deficit and his refusal to promise things that he could not deliver.

He's not afraid of a fight. He doesn't come across as one who puts his finger in the air and tests the moment's direction.

Meanwhile, I have to say that Kerry has never impressed me much. Maybe I am wrong about him, but frankly, I wish we could hear from more candidates before this thing gets wrapped up too soon.

At least the Republicans will have to spend more of their money on opposition research if they don't know who their opponent is right away.

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