Friday, February 13, 2004


For the past several days, as the temps have warmed, the snow has started receding from the streets and walkways in the townlet. I finally felt good enough this morning to take the dog for our regular walk, and I was relieved that we also didn't have to maneuver slippery streets.

While I have been home sick, the water department has continued to lay down water lines for my neighbors who have not had access to "city" water. I noticed a new fire hydrant, and assume Franklin will be adding his mark to it.

On the past couple of sunny days, the snow on the ground reflected the sunshine, upping our dosage of light. Today, there has been a fine mist of snow in the air, dusting roads as cold westerly winds blew past.

At my office, I look out at sheep in a pasture huddled together. Not very smart animals, they have a certain passive acceptance of cold weather. In fact, they probably prefer this to the hot and humid days that will come later in the year. In a couple of months, their wool coats will be sheared, but for now, they look puffy and warm.

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