Wednesday, August 18, 2004

blogger news

Blogger added a new tool bar yesterday to the top of blogs using their software. It allows the user to search the blog, using Blogger/Google's search tool. It also lets one pick a Blogger blog at random.

And it seems to do away, at least for the time being, with advertising -- unless you click on a permalink or archived post, and then the ad returns.

Does this mean that ads are gone from the main page of Blogger ads, or is this just a temporary deal? I'm betting that the ads return.

Afterall, why wouldn't the Charleston Symphony want to advertise on my blog as they did for much of the past week after I wrote a post on the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's summer program?

1 comment:

Greg said...

I haven't really paid attention to the ads on my blog, so I can't vouch for their relevance. However, the ads do not appear to show up on archive pages either.