Thursday, August 26, 2004

in case you're wondering what the little grey letter icon is for ...

Blogger has made more changes.

The ads, for the moment, are gone, unless I participate in a profit-sharing plan that would put them back on the blog.

So we're ad-free around here, at least for now. They may decide to put them back.

They've also added a new feature that allows a reader to e-mail a specific post to someone else. I am not sure why -- permalinks work so easily. This is a new bell and whistle not asked for.

On the tag at the end of each post entry is a little gray letter icon. Click on that and you can email a post to a friend.

I am cheerful about Google/Blogger because:

  1. it's free
  2. they provide tech stuff that I am incapable of producing, making it easy for someone like me to blog
  3. they added a wysiwyg component to composing entries similar to word processing
  4. it's free

I try to be grateful.

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