Thursday, September 30, 2004


I've been ignoring my garden. I am not sure why. Part of it is that I've been busy. Part of it is that we're still in a strange drought -- mild to cool temps but no moisture. When I watered, the moles invaded. They're probably eating up my tulip bulbs. I am hoping that the narcissus will be left untouched. Somebody told me last night that caster oil is a deterrent for moles. They don't like the smell. Hmm... would I if I dump this on my garden?

So I avoid it. I look at it, as I often do, either while walking the dog, or just staring out the window. We have had a terrific full moon this week, and I'd rather be outside than inside, even in early evening.

I'm mulling over what plants to thin out, perhaps using part of my vegetable garden to overwinter transplants, making it a nursery bed.

I've lost steam.

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a gardener said...

I’m running out of steam as well. I think you are on to something in a later post. This election season is coloring other parts of life, including the garden. Being a swing state (even with just a few electoral votes) we are bombarded with frequently mean-spirited ads daily. So now, when I most need the therapy that gardening provides I am the least inclined to go out and work in the garden! Go figure. Well…less than five more weeks.