Monday, September 27, 2004

the new 30s

In my family, almost all our birthdays fall within two weeks. We never celebrated them much.

Partner's family are especially good at celebrating birthdays. After nearly 15 years, I must confess I have not gotten better at it. But this year, I think I started to see the underlying meanings behind it.

Neighbors cooked ribs, partner made other dishes, and we had a feast on our screened porch Friday night. Saturday, partner and I went on the AIA home tour -- how great to see houses that don't look like their roofs swallowed the structure, and where the play between function and design, light and other ways of organizing space makes one feel both at home and yet at being in a unique place. Yesterday, friends, mostly from our Italy group, met for lunch after church and then we went to Speedway and played putt-putt golf.

It was a great weekend, and I appreciate folk who helped me celebrate.


lemming said...

Wishing you and yours many, many happy returns of the day.

Did Franklin get any ribs, or must he be content with moles?

Jane Ellen+ said...

Happy birthday!

Celebrations have always been very much part of my family culture, as well-- the best gift there is, is having those you love gather to spend time with you. Sounds as though you did it up right. (^_^)

Don said...

thanks for your kind words.

lemming -- Franklin doesn't get table scraps, but he certainly likes to smell the food.

jane ellen -- I am hoping to learn about celebrating things like birthdays and get better at it.

marthachick said...

Happy Birthday! Saturday was mine, so we're birthday-mates. Or something. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, as did I. I always see it as celebrating the simple, awesome fact that you were born. I'm glad we both were! ;-)