Friday, October 22, 2004

sun is out

After a series of clouded, fuzzy days, the sun has come out today.

If our autumn color is not as brilliant as it can be, it has still been surprisingly vivid, enough to warrant driving the long way when possible through tree lined lanes and past fields of trees.

The maples particularly have been generous in their large puffs of colors. And with the sun out today, with light reflecting off of the oranges and yellows and red, one gets a bit dizzy at the otherworldliness of these few days between summer and fall.

Mostly, I have not written about it, because words fail to capture the intense beauty of a landscape in its tweedy glory, and because I think that in our digital age we are losing touch with the value of immediate sensation and experience, valuing more what we record and savor later, whether it is music, or a dramatic performance, or the landscape.

Gardens, and the gardened world, are best experienced live, for the moment. I am grateful for recorded images and sounds -- life would be dull without them. But to live is to see these transitory moments, and experience them, bittersweet in knowing that they go as fast as we breath.

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lemming said...

With all of the rain, I've been pleasantly surprised that some bright purple flowers in my front yard have bloomed and kept their blooms.