Thursday, November 04, 2004

cold, wet, gray

Typical late fall weather.

This morning Franklin and I walked around the garden. A few more wet leaves have blown in from other yards. I need to run the lawn mower over them. I stepped across more mole tunnels -- the ground gets squishy or spongy where they have trailed through the dirt.

I have a bunch of bulbs to plant -- maybe this weekend?

And dear Chloe, our little tortise-shell cat, is sick. Of the three cats, she is the most timid and aloof, friendly but terribly high-strung, avoiding Franklin as much as possible, and any guests who wander into the house. We got her when she was one year old -- and we were the third family to get her. Now she is probably seven years old.

We went to the vet today and the news is not good. A typical cat problem, indicating that she will not be long for this world. This is probably the beginning of the disease -- we had a wonderful cat many years ago who died of the same thing and I will not prolong her agony as long as we did then. But perhaps she will have a period of respite. She has not lost weight yet. We'll see.

How odd to be talking with a vet about such options for one's pet. Cats particularly do not enjoy lots of medical fussing. Their reputation is to go off to die. Wonderful pets, so different from other other creatures. May dear Chloe find some peace and rest in however long she is around.


Greg said...

That's sad, Don. We've had two cats die due to a kidney disease (don't remember what it's called). It's always very sad. We have (by we, I mean my parents, but she was born when I was 12, so about 11 years) a tortise-shell who is very shy and aloof. She appears to be in good health, though.

bill said...

Our tortie is very shy too. She will not let anyone touch her but me and often not even me.

Flowrs said...

It's such a sad feeling to loose a dear pet.Once I lost my childhood dog I never ever had a pet.

Don said...

Thanks for your comments. Because she hasn't lost much weight I am hopeful that she'll get better before it gets worse.

As I get older, losing people or animals doesn't get any easier.

lemming said...

(hugs Don) Please hug Partner for me, too. Animals know when they are loved, and I do believe that they too can share that grace.