Monday, November 22, 2004

the fight

Friday night there was a big, awful fight in Detroit. The Indiana Pacers were in the middle of it -- heck, for the most part are responsible based on Artest going into the stands -- and now we all feel awful.

As someone said today, I'd hate to work for the Pacers organization right now.

In Indy, where people live and thrive as sports fans, this is all that is talked about on the local news. Oh, that, and a weird teenage slumber party where men dressed up as police officers came into the home, pistol whipped the father, and scared the girls half to death.

The fight was also on the Today show this morning. As well as a story about hunters in Wisconsin who got into a fight with a trespasser over a deer stand -- three died, a few more are injured. I am not sure that any deer were shot.

All reminders of the frailty of humans and our social contract. Or our sinful, miss-the mark nature. Or the weirdness of people.

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