Monday, November 08, 2004

garden blogging

I wrote an essay at the IT Kitchen on-line blogging conference. It's supposed to be about genre blogs, and this is my stab at why I blog. I assume that I totally mis-represented all you good garden bloggers. Please feel free to contradict over at the conference web-site.


Kathy said...

I was going to write on gardening and blogs, too, but I was looking at the schedule here: and thought it wasn't the right day yet. Did I miss my chance?

Don said...

Kathy -- I screwed up. I think genre was going to be on Nov. 8 and put that as the time stamp. I knew that it had moved but had not paid attention to when. I do hope that you will write. You are the most supportive and encouraging of garden bloggers.

I've very much enjoyed the IT Kitchen conference. Things got slow after the election, but I bet it picks up again now that the sun has gone up and down a few times.