Monday, November 01, 2004

mighty wind

In between a cool and warm fronts, the winds came out of the west on Saturday, gusting up to 40 miles per hour. I had planned on raking/shredding leaves during the day, but decided against it. Walls of leaves twirled around in twisting spins.

And when it was over, almost all the trees were bare. I usually accept that raking will take a couple of weeks, but -- and there are a few exceptions -- most of the leaves are now down, and the world has changed again, from orange and red to the silver-gray and brown of bared tree branches.

I got my mulching lawnmower out yesterday and got the front yard leaves mulched. The backyard was swept clean by the wind, and all of the leaves are nicely piled against the house and one corner of the fence.

Yesterday, while mowing, I noticed the chorus of gas engines whining, all across the townlet, from mowers, shredders, and blowers.

Up above me, the sweetgum tree was loaded with its green balls. They will fall all winter.

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lemming said...

Still a few leaves here in the southern section of 465. I notice that the squirrels are getting bolder.