Wednesday, November 10, 2004

so why do we blog

Jane Perrone at Horticultural picked up on my first essay at the IT Conference. She's pondering the question why we gardeners blog. It's probably a question we all mull over from time to time.


Jane answer's the question here. She writes:

I also blog because I get help and advice from gardeners all over the place, and I feel part of something bigger. When I talk to most people about the joys of mulching, or try to explain why I put comfrey leaves into a bucket every few days, they look at me with mute uncomprehension. The blogging gardeners? They know the difference between chicory and chervil.


Nancy said...

Don: Why we blog is a question I've been pondering since I read your entry. Here's my story and I'm sticking to it - Why do we blog? It exposes our personal thoughts and opens a forum that we never knew previously existed. We can share our knowledge, our feelings, our insecurities knowing that no one is standing in front of us being our judge. Blogging provides the avenue to speak about and reflect on what we love. It also offers a community for those of us who share a similar obsession - a network that we can connect to whenever we desire. Thanks for making me think and "verbalize" about it.

Don said...

Nancy -- thanks for posting your thoughts. I started blogging on a bit of a whim, and ended up getting much more serious about it. I do appreciate the opportunity to write and interact with other folk passionate about gardening.