Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Temps are in the 40s and our snow is retreating. The ground is still mostly white, but the streets and paths are wet and muddy.

The news now report that over 70,000 people have died in the recent South Asian tidal wave.

I look out my window at a field of snow, old wooden rails along its edge, with a few of sheep out grazing, their darker coats contrasted with the whiter snow on the ground. I'm at work. Most of my colleagues are away, and the quiet of the place is calming. The sky is a murky gray.

A good number of the dead are small children. Many more could possibly die from contaminated water and rotten food.

Rain will come, perhaps tonight, and it will wash the rest of the snow away. The tv folk will chatter on about a murder trial or a celebrity divorce. Somebody will grumble about their late flight or loss of luggage. We'll talk about diets and resolutions.

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Kati said...

On the news here in Canada we had vacationers returning from SEAsia, complaining that our government did not act quickly enough to get them out, give them assistance. Meanwhile, in SEAsia, the locals remain having lost everything. Sometimes, it seems, even when hit on the head with it, we don't see how fortunate we are and are incapable of anything better than gazing at our own fat navels!