Friday, December 10, 2004

three legs

Back in October, my dog Franklin developed a little limp at night after running and playing hard with the wolfhounds from next door.

So we restricted his playing with them.

And then he and I were in the backyard alone and he ran around a bit and then started limping again. So I kept him from running loose off-leash in the yard.

In each instance, the limping stopped. At his check-up, the vet said that he may have a partial tear in his back knee and that time will heal it.

When we got back from NYC, he came running into the house and tearing up the stairs. Which had the effect of blowing out his back leg. For three days afterwards, he could only walk on three legs. It's getting better, but I've got another appointment for the doc to look at it. And now I carry him up and down the stairs, just like I did when he was a puppy and too small to climb them.


Shelley said...

I'm sorry to hear your pup has a bad leg. But what a sweet image to come away with: you carrying your friend upstairs, just like when he was a pup.

Girl Gone Gardening said...

Aw, poor doggy :( Is there some kind of splint or something that you could put on his leg?

Don said...

Shelley -- You know, about once every three months or so, I've carried him upstairs or downstairs. He trusts me not to drop him and he doesn't squirm or try to break free. But I hate that he cannot run on all fours.

Girl -- We'll find out what's next.

lemming said...

Will light a candle to St. Francis for Franklin.