Monday, January 03, 2005

a year

If only our lives were marked not by years but by incremental chapters, with an arc, a cliff-hanger, or a tidy conclusion.

The snowy cold of Christmas melted as an usually warm front moved through Indiana. We went from sub-zero mornings to temps in the 50s and 60s (F). And now we will are in the midst of rain which is supposed to continue for the next few days. I worry about the tulip bulbs --they don't do well with multiple thawing.

We packed up our Christmas tree and decorations yesterday, fearing that if we wait till next Sunday's Epiphany that it may be February before we got to it again.

Yesterday was the Sunday for Christmas lessons and carols. Outside of a couple of hymns, most of the burden of music was shared with the congregation. We ended by processing outside, along with 3 wise men, to the cloister garden for the burning of the greens. The past two Sundays a group from our choir has gone to local nursing homes to sing carols for parishoners.

Quick holiday movie tote:

The Aviator- much better than I imagined. Howard Hughes, that crazy fellow of the 1970s, makes more sense now. As does Katharine Hepburn, particularly after you see her family.

Sideways - Another of Payne's anti-romantic moviemaking. He sees the world much more fiercely (cluttered rooms, flat lighting, ) than most American directors. Amazing that he could make the California wine region north of LA look so ordinary, almost as ordinary as his midwestern landscapes.

Meet the Fokkers -- If you have seen the preview, you have seen all funny bits already.


Gawain said...

Really enjoyed Sideways - haven't seen many movies with character development for a while.

Don said...

Yes, it did have quite good character development, and acting, too.

Have you seen his other movies (Citizen Ruth, Election, About Schmidt)?

lemming said...

There are few things more deliciously satisfying, nay thrilling, than landing all of the notes to the descant for the penultimate verse to "O Come All Ye Faithful" and then still having the voice to compete with the organ solo on the last verse. :-)