Monday, March 21, 2005

rip, bobby short

According to this story, cabaret singer Bobby Short has died. Short did not have a strong, beautiful voice, but he had a very elegant style in interpreting the American songbook. He sang for years at the Cafe Carlyle in New York. Non-cabaret lovers may have seen him in Woody Allen's movie, Hannah and Her Sisters.

I've always had a fantasy that I would get to hear him sing in person.

My other fantasy is to hear the great Barbara Cook in person.


lemming said...

You may meet Ms Cook only if you bring me along. :-)

I agree that Holy Week can leave you bone-achingly tired.

Don said...

Sadly, the opportunities to hear her perform live are probably getting rarer.

During last week's marathon Sondheim celebration in NYC, the Times reported that standing ovations were few and far between. Cook got one for songs from "Follies" and Elaine Stritch for her interpretation of "Ladies Who Lunch" from "Company."

Of course, I'd be glad to escort you to hear the great Barbara Cook!

marthachick said...

Can I come see Barbara, too?

I have this wonderful NYT article about her teaching young singers that I've always cherished... she teaches that you have only to sing more and more like YOU, not like what you think THEY want. Amazing lady. Wish I'd heard that years ago as a young voice student.

Don said...

martha -- Is that the article about her master class? I read that. She is a superb singer. Yes, please join us.

Cabaret carrys the baggage of bad lounge acts, but at its best, it thrills us with the power of the song. I am not a singer/performer/arranger, but I've always had a secret desire to help produce a cabaret act.