Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Yesterday, the wind blew hard, and despite the calendar, it was another winter day, with bare trees, and brown grass.

Last night it rained, and I woke up this morning and felt that perhaps today is the first day of spring. The rain had softened the earth, and the air, while cold, felt more spring-like. The possibility of spring was in the air.

Cold wet spring is easier to handle than cold, barren winter. The gumballs in the yard pile up and I must start raking them into shrub beds.


Rob said...

Raining here also. I did get a little gardening in the other day--well, I pulled some weeds, and have the poison ivy to show for it.

James said...

It's been pretty depressing around here, as well. Just when it looked like it might actually reach 60ยบ, the mercury has once more plunged into the 40s, and we're being subjected to cold wind and colder rain. Bleh.