Wednesday, March 30, 2005

yes, spring

The warm temps came -- yes, we are in a period when freezes will possibly come for the next month or so -- and the daffodils have joined the later blooming croci. Earth is aroused. The topography has changed enough to make me smile. Everything was bare and plain and indistinquishable. Now the short blades of green grass surround and emphasis the brown dirt of flower beds. Large clumps of daffodils are rising out of them. Tulips are beginning to break through. Now one can see that there are plants returning to life, waking up from sleep, and even our flat earth has some slants and slopes.

My Addams family garden, full of dead things, must be cleared. This is the best time -- refridgerated, but tolerable cool air, delicate enough for bulbs and flowering shrubs, cool enough to transplant and move what was left undone in fall, free of humidity and heat and bugs. This most temporary state of perfect weather for this region -- today is a blue sky, but tonight a major thunderstorm, according to the weather chatterers -- this perfect state is illusive, and short-lived.


Shelley said...

...and just in time for high winds and tornados!

I could be your early weather warning, couldn't I Don?

I am looking forward to your garden this year. It gives me peace.

Don said...

Shelley -- yes, we get your wind and rain a day or so later. I think it follows I-70 all the way to Indy.

Thanks for your kind words. I hope it thrives this year -- are you doing a balcony/patio garden?