Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I probably shouldn't drive a car this time of year. When I drive across the city and see a world highlighted by colors other than green, I prefer to really look at them, the way the particular combination and setting varies from all others, or how the light is filtering through them. To know that I live in a world so especially colored, at least for a few brief days, makes me smile. I cannot help but look. But it doesn't make me a good driver.

So I work to resist the urge.

There is a tunnel of redbuds growing out from other trees that lines a dip down and then ride up a hill on the way to work. Last year, road crews trimmed the trees back a couple of months before spring. There were no redbuds blooming last year save for an occasional branch that was too high or for whatever reason was missed by the road crew. This year they have returned (except for one stretch on one side).

As I drove up through them, I noticed that I kept moving ever slightly to the shoulder. After about the third time I came to my senses and quit watching the floating pink colors of the redbuds. I am sure the van behind me thought I was either on a cellphone or drinking and driving early in the morning. My bad, as they say.

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