Thursday, April 07, 2005


Gentle rain fell this morning, in small, oddly-timed drops, quietly, without the rush of wind or hard sounds of water hitting against surfaces. This is best for the now blooming daffodils and the tulip trees which are covered in their coarse pink petals.

Moisture returns to the top soil -- very good. This time of year I enjoy days with gray, clouded skies. Seeing the richness of the grass color, and of the blooming bulbs, and of these first blooming trees, I realize that this is a short and rich time to be outside.

One of the weather chatterers this morning on the TV boasted about the 10 degree above temps for the weekend, and while I too appreciate the warmers days, I also think about how much we lose as the temps riser higher. I came across a few daffodils on a walk at lunch time yesterday that have already started crinkling together. In a day or so, there will be shriveled bits of yellow and brown at the top of the green flower stalk. No, it's too soon, I thought. Three days and you are gone.

I am thirsty for the colors of spring, and jealous that they can only be enjoyed in a moment or two.

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Rob said...

We had as much rain as I've see last week into Sunday. I had some new bare root daylilies I needed to get in the ground, so I made a couple raised beds and planted them in the rain. I never did quite get a chance to mulch them though.

Interestingly, the same system that brought rain on the front side brought high wind on the back side. By Tuesday, I too noticed the soil in these bed's drying out, and by Wednesday (with temps climbing) I found myself watering!