Friday, June 17, 2005

capturing what i see ...

I've often lamented that I lack the ability to draw or paint the reflection of sun hitting the upper limbs of tall trees, the intersection of blue sky and tree or building, the intricacy of an iris bloom.

But such skills would not begin to capture the beauty of this day, a perfect blend of blue sky, cool air, and gentle breeze.

I had all the bedroom windows open last night, and had to use the comforter at some point to keep warm. Since partner is out of town, I've given Franklin the dog the chance to sleep on the bed. Most nights, he has jumped down to sleep in his crate, but last night, he stayed on the bed and snuggled up next to me.

That such a day happens in the middle of June is an extravagance -- except for farmers and my poor tomatoes who thought they were going to grow in a hot humid climate.

The dryness of June has kept the mosquito population down, although last weekend's rains will ramp that up shortly.

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