Wednesday, June 22, 2005


The temperatures are climbing higher. We didn't have to run air conditioner until yesterday. I can easily get used to sleeping with cool outside air flowing through the room.

My monardia (bee balm) is almost four feet high, the result of earlier spring rains and the need to reach up for more sun. Both the red and pink clumps are opening up. The flowers are about two inches in diameter, but will spread as they open further.

Mostly, I've been watering. I've payed closer attention to this becaue of the large number of shade plants under and around the giant sweetgum tree. That tree sucks out every last drop of moisture, and it is not fair for new (and transplanted) hosta, astilbe and heuchras to face their first summer strangled for moisture. I continue to add compost to the soil. These beds are up to four years old and the older plants have done well with only emergency watering during the hottest periods.

The water comes from a well, a former source of water for the house. Instead of capping it off, it was connected to the outdoor faucets. So the pungent smell of sulpher and other minerals linger after watering.


marthachick said...

A well? How wonderful! We're sliding into a drought down here and I had to empty and move my rain barrel so the painters could do their thing.

Don said...

marthachick -- several years ago, (with a very few exceptions) the city of Indianapolis and the County of Marion were merged into one government.

Neighborhoods outside of the old city limits often had wells and septic tanks. Years ago, our house was connected to the city's water system, but the previous owner kept the well and had it hooked up to the outside taps. I believe that was cheaper than capping the well.

Indianapolis has a very high water table, by the way. And it does rain alot here during the year, although it has been about two weeks since our last deluge.