Monday, July 11, 2005

no water

Shelley has a great post (illustrated by her excellent photography) on the drought facing the midwest. In that post she also has a government map showing severity of drought conditions in the US.

Indiana is merely unusually dry -- God may make little green apples, etc, but this year the Maker is parsimonious with the rain.

She also muses on what we used to call "hurricane" rain. Folk in Waco worried about the poor cities along the Texas Gulf coast getting beat up by whatever hurricane was coming ashore, but we also secretly appreciated that we would get drenched by the after-effects (and possibly a tornado or two).

I didn't water much this weekend, except for the vegetable garden. Seems like Indiana is getting a little hurricane rain in the southern part of the state and some of that may work its way up here by tonight.

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bill said...

yes, I secretly hope for the hurricane rain too.

I lived in Houston though for several years where hurricanes really were a threat. I was there in 1983 when a hurricane came through. (Actually it was a bit exciting).