Thursday, July 07, 2005


The notion of "24/7" implies that time is fluid, and we live our lives in continuous minutes.

But our lives are lived out in specific days (in terms of time) and we experience life in specific places. This morning, folk in London are experiencing a great tragedy. In other cities and in other places, many of which I do not know about, folk are also experiencing great tragedies of horror and violence.

But we know about London. And it is, indeed, a sad day for them and for us, made particularly bitter because we went to bed last night after watching the spontaneous cheers from Londoners amassed in Trafalger Square yesterday, celebrating the news that the city had been picked for the Olympics, and we awoke to the images of their police, draped in yellow coats, separating television cameras from a bombed out bus and several subway stations, to commuters streaked in blood calmly talking about explosions in "carriages" underground.

May those who have died rest in peace and perpetual light.