Monday, August 15, 2005

at last...

Cooler temps have moved through Indiana, bringing a little rain, and lowering the heat (if not the humidity).

This weekend, I ended up reading inside while sitting by a window. The only interaction with my garden was visual. The mosquitoes are now out in blood-sucking hordes. It was cool enough to start walking with the dog twice around the townlet this morning.

This turn in weather is a reminder that the heaviness of sumer is starting to ebb, and that fall color and air is soon arriving.


Rob said...

I sure hope the cooler temps are making there way hear soon. What I wouldn't give for a morning where the temp was below 70 degrees!

BTW, looks like my beetles are finally winding down as well. Probably only collecting about 50 a day, sporadic individuals here and there with no heavy concentrations.

Don said...

Rob -- it was cool enough last night to turn off the air conditioner. And it is supposed to be cooler tonight. Yippee!

Sadly, your beetles have gone underground, or at least their eggs are, and the little grubs turned into beetles will eventually return as destructive hordes and vandals next spring.

This was indeed the worst year ever for them.