Friday, August 26, 2005

body parts

So there was a visitor in our home, who, when he went out the front door let a cat out.

The big, fat lovable Tabby. Who is actually losing a little weight, and getting a little more active.

Cat runs under the yews. It is too dark outside to find him. I get under each bush and look around. Can't see him. Get to the end, and the hostas along the fence start rustling. Cat? No, a rabbit.

At this point, I cannot believe that I have just lost my cat. I go back into the house and get a feeble flashlight (batteries going out). And I bend down on all fours and search for my cat. And then those eyes lit up and reflected their twin cresent shaped glow, in between several limbs.

And something snapped in my back.

And as long as I am standing up, leaning against something, and the o-t-c painkiller keeps kicking in, I am ok. Really.


Shelley said...

Oh no! That sounds painful.

Take it slow and easy.

What we will do for our kitties, eh?

Don said...


Yes. I am afraid I long ago gave up any notion that I was an owner of pets.

I am:

Guardian. Parent. Family member. Companion. Payer of their bills. Lover of their affection and playfulness.