Monday, August 29, 2005


Emily, on re-reading the last post, I realized that it sounds like I am accusing you of skimming while I am being a careful reader. That's not what I meant, and I apologize for the inelegant and uncareful way that I wrote that post.

I agree with your perception that each sentence in the book has a lot of information. I have slowed down my reading because of my own tendency to skim over difficult material. I suppose patience is a benefit of getting older -- except that I am probably a lot less patient about many things than I used to be, so that doesn't hold.

Anyway, I've certainly enjoyed reading your posts, and I look forward to continue plowing through the book together. Thank you for your patience in my slowness.



Emily said...

No worries, not offended at all.

I'm slow on blogging, too. A little preoccupied with watching news coverage and just general blogging doldrums.

Don said...

Emily -- sorry to hear about your wrists -- I hope it heals soon and you can return to knitting.