Saturday, August 27, 2005

what I meant...

Back in May, Steve at Blogger Forum pointed to what I meant when I said about learning that one could uplink to Blogger.

On a wish list, someone at Computer World asked if Blogger could improve the software by allowing native image uploading.

Blogger has added that, which means one can uplink photos to Blogger for use on the blog without going to a third party like Flickr, or through another server site.

And I don't have to learn any insertion code to do it, lazy and unlearned person that I am. I never tried to actually insert a photo before.

I wonder how long Blogger has allowed us to do this. I just found out tonight. Slow me.


Lisa said...

Glad you figured it out. Wonderful pictures!

Don said...

Thanks, Lisa. I got a bit giddy -- in fact, I had a hard time sleeping that night, in part, because of my excitement.