Thursday, October 27, 2005

now in light

I probably should rename my blog either "the cranky gardener" or "the boring weather reporter," because I realize that I am guilty of both descriptions.

But it is watching and looking outside that I enjoy most. Last week, wet cold weather finally ushered in the fall, and for about four days or so, we got rain, a little wind, and overcast skies.

Today it is a bit windy, but there are blue skies and white clouds, and the maple trees are making up for all the other trees that have already dumped leaves due to heat/moisture stress. The whole week, I've watched the tantalizing hint of red and orange creep over my favorite trees. And now the greens are slowly fading away.

Light being such an intangible quality, we see it best when it has some contrast, or muffling, something to bounce off of. The light illuminating the tall, round maples is energetic, brilliant, as it should be.

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