Friday, November 11, 2005

that was fun

The leaves are almost gone, save for a few hearty trees, latecomers to the fall coloring, and my pear tree in the front yard, which is always last. This weekend, the sound of mowers and other gas-engined equipment will fill the neighborhood.

Our temps have gotten more seasonal -- there was actually a frost in the townlet this morning when partner and I walked Franklin the dog. The sky is quite blue and clear. I am hopeful that we are past hard thunderstorms in the middle of the night until next spring.


lemming said...

It's been so wonderfully chilly early morning and at night, but still warm enough during the day that I can let Sam dawdle at the fire hydrant.

I think we're due for one more storm tomorrow, alas.

Don said...

lemming -- I heard that, too, that we might get more thunderstorms. I hope that it doesn't happen. This is not November weather.