Friday, January 06, 2006


Holiday travel pretty much unhooks me from concepts of days of the week. I had to remind myself that today is Friday. When we were in Texas, I rarely acknowledged what day it was, and traveling on Christmas Day and News Year Day meant that those days were different enough to further confuse me.

So I am now having to work a bit to get back in the rhythm of the Monday through Friday work week. I am hopeful that I won't show up for work in the morning.

Franklin the dog is ok. Perhaps he never actually got the pill. I woke up early this morning and he went downstairs with me and promptly went back to sleep. He is fine.

It is cold again. There was a little snow early this morning. I am hopeful to get out in the garden tomorrow but my timing may be off. I am not so good with timing.

Oh, the two choir festival is in February this year, not March. My mistake.

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