Sunday, February 05, 2006

not winter

We escaped south, a trip planned long ago. Yesterday, it rained, but this morning the sky is blue, the plants around us are annuals that will not been seen in Indy for months, and large outdoor groupings of what would be house plants inside our homes or offices.

It is a beautiful, slightly coolish morning in a tropical corner of Florida. Yesterday afternoon, during the rain, we went to the movies and saw "Munich," Steven Spielburg's story about the aftermath of the Olympic killings in 1972 of the Israeli athletes.
Not the kind of movie one sees on vacation, I suppose, but powerfully told, provocative, So this morning, I think about it, here in a little paradise, seeing images on television of Danish embassies burning, of angry crowds in Eygpt mourning the loss of theier families. The tolling bells are for all of us on the planet, locked between centuries and cultures, barely able to keep ahead of our fears and angers toward the others, the not us.

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.


Kati said...

It is agony! Is there no middle ground where we can talk without fear? I have been thinking a lot about the fine line between free speech and lunacy lately. As a coincidence, the issue came up at work, in everyday interpersonal relationships: what is ok to say and what not and why...(I believe you have the right to make any idiotic statement you want until you cross that vague line of promoting hatred.)While I must always make a judgment about what you have said and choose my response wisely, when must I escalate the response to violence, if ever? I agree with you: Lord have mercy! I wish we could all take ourselves more lightly.

Rob+ said...

Having just been in a "tropical corner" of FL myself, I hope your trip is as refreshing as ours was.