Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I am mildly bothered when I realize that some of my assumptions about life are based on nothing more than a certain acquired snobbery, particularly when that cruel attitude has kept me from enjoying something.

Like recorded books.

Fiction should be read, I thought. Oh, yes, I enjoyed hearing the recorded Harry Potter tapes during long road trips. But those are children's books, a whimsey.

But good fiction should be read.

I checked out Ian McEwan's Atonement this weekend from the library. It's 10 cassettes. Yesterday and today,on the drive to work, I listened to tape number one, reveling in the pleasure of hearing Jill Tanner's reading this book aloud. Then I remembered Mrs. Teague's third grade class, and how she read to us after lunch, and how enjoyable it was to hearing stories being read aloud, drawing me in.


Shelley said...

Even as a little tyke, I never liked being read to. I liked being by myself, in my room or outside, with my book. I could dream, then, when no one else is around.

No wonder I like weblogging.

Don said...

Shelley -- I was a hyper-focused reader as a child, something my family thought was an eccentricity.

But somewhere I learned to like hearing voices. Perhaps they cause some trigger to my imagination.