Saturday, March 04, 2006

another year

The gardening season will begin soon. In our Zone 5-6, this beginning will be slow, and limited to cool air plants, the bulbs, shrubs and trees. In their colors, more vivid and gaudy than what we will see later in the longer, warmer period, these short-time bloomers will relieve us of the tedious, monochromatic hues, the dried grass, the wooden barks, the singed greens of certain evergreens that make up our days, that frame our yards, and line the roads we drive.

And we will come out of our caves and start the work of cleaning up leftovers from last year, we'll plot new plantings and think about what should be moved or divided, and what soils need special care with organic amendments. We'll turn soil and prune and stake. That is the work of gardeners.

But the grace note of plants who all winter have been working inside woody stems and deep down in the earth in bulbs will soon be heard, and they will be notes of color, and we would be stone-hearted if we do not watch it, appreciate it, celebrate the 2006 version that comes in this latest year of our lives. Nature in North America has no better moment that this.


Shelley said...

Nasty storm heading your way Don. We're under tornado watch, and the day went from exquisitely beautiful (spent morning at Botanical gardens) to frankly omninous tonight.

I love living in the midwest during storm season. It's never dull.

Don said...

Shelley -- We've had rain off and on for the last couple of days. I work up in the early hours this morning, hearing the peals of thunder that was far enough away to sound like cannons firing in a distant battle. Eventually it passed through here.

I will say that no storm beats a midwestern storm for drama. We hold on as they come.