Monday, March 20, 2006

care-giver report

Jake the cat is in recovery, having lost any last bit of his body that would indicate his natural gender. Today is the first full day he has rights to wander the house. Usually a vacumn cleaner when it comes to eating, I have to hand feed him. He has lost a few pounds, which in his case is probably not a bad thing. But such an expensive and painful way to do it. Alas, he must wear his big wide plastic collar for another full week.

The tricky part is that Glenda, Chloe and Jake must now eat separately. Gone are the carefree days of one food for all three.

Franklin the dog continues to be the most eager in welcoming Jake. We are especially aware of any frisky behavior, or smelling and sniffing that would threaten Jake's stitches. The girls ignore him, it, my transgendered cat.

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