Sunday, March 26, 2006


The peonies are up several inches, the sprouts identified for the moment by their dark red color, like exotic asparagus pushing up out of the earth. They come out of the red eyes on the roots -- bury those eyes too deep below the surface and the peonies won't bloom.

And those blooms, when they finally arrive in late spring, they will look as if they should be eaten, fat, mounded flower balls.


Shelley said...

My recent photo shoot of spring flowers is at And I do believe those are peonies toward the end.

They are pretty, aren't they?

Shelley said...

Oops, forgot to upload the peonies. Next show.

Don said...

Shelley -- I think peonies may be the most lovely of cut flowers. On the stalk, they can seem a little floppy, but placed in a vase, they are ... good enough to eat.

Ants think so, too, since they are drawn to the sticky substance that covers the flower bud before it opens.

I await your peony pictures.