Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Partner and I drove to Chicago Friday in the rain. But once we got there, we were dry. We saw Wicked, the musical that joyfully re-tells the Wizard of Oz story. I quite like the story. I had never been in the Oriental Theater, an over-the-top gem. And we spent the day with a dear friend, seeing the now polished bean, a large piece of public sculpture that is quite stunning. We wandered through a flower show dedicated to urban garden spaces, a few bookstores, and had lunch at Frontera Grill, and stopped in at Marshall Fields, soon to be Macys. Sunday morning, we left after services at St. James Cathedral, walking outside into ... a sunny, blue sky. Despite my missing an exit on the way out of town, it was still the easiest time we have had in getting out of Chicago into Indiana. And it rained the entire drive back.

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