Sunday, May 21, 2006


Partner said tonight that our paradise end will end on Friday, when a high pressure zone that has been in the south moves up to Indy, and we will get 85 degrees (F) and humidity.

It has been a long and cool spring. I hate to see it end.

On Saturday morning, I went with an elderly neighbor to the nearby town of Avon to visit a wonderful perennial nursery and gardens. I ended up buying three pots of hostas, two Blue Angels and one green and blue variated, four pots of heuchra or coral bells, and an aster.

This afternoon, I mowed the yard, something I missed doing last weekend since we were out of town. And then I had the pleasure of planting.

Meanwhile, the neighbors came over and tilled the backyard vegetable garden. It has been too cool to plant the tomatoes but now it is time.

Tonight as looked out in the twilight, I saw two ducks, a male and a female, walking around the newly tilled vegetable garden. I wonder if they are looking for a home or just shopping.


Rob+ said...

The heat is supposed to hit here Sunday I think. Ugh.

We too have had a long, cool spring. Unfortunately, we haven't had the rain and I find myself looking at the prospect of watering...

Carol said...

I enjoyed your posting, I also garden in Indianapolis. I love the wonderful nursery in Avon, and have never left there without some new plant or two.

Don said...

Father Rob -- We seem to be like Camelot. It rains at night when needed. It has been an especially wet spring.

Carol -- Thanks for posting. I always like to hear from gardeners, particularly one from the city.