Monday, June 26, 2006


This year has been a hard one on the pet portion of our family. Jake survived two surgeries and now seems no worse for the wear. Our oldest cat, 17 years old, continues to fluctuate between living or not. Right now, she is eating and doing ok.

And as if on cue, once we got the cats through crisis, Franklin the dog started bleeding in his poop -- something the vets call ironically frank blood. After two bouts of antibiotics -- based on a theory of stress induced bleeding -- the poor dog had to go in for an endoscopy and biopsy. No cancer, but perhaps an auto-immune disease or a protein allergy.

Except in his recovering from that trip to the vet, his bleeding stopped. Completely. A couple of weeks later, my little feisty dog appears to be ok.

Thank you Lord for watching over the birds of the air, and the foxes in the wild, the lilies, and our cats and dogs. Amen.

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